Areas of Engagement 

Health workers - they're more powerful than you think. They get people back on their feet and back to work. They keep businesses succeeding and economies growing. The health sector is a major and growing source of jobs. But the world is facing a shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030.
Globally, 1 in 20 people still lacks access to essential health services that could be delivered at a local clinic instead of a hospital. And where services are accessible, they are often fragmented and of poor quality.

human resources for health (hrh)...

Nurses are at the centre of the global health workforce. As student and novice nurses, we are the future of the workforce in service-delivery, leadership, education, and research.
Global strategic directions for strengthening nursing and midwifery 2016–2020:  Download Report (2016)
Working for Health and Growth: Download FlyerDownload Report (2016)
World Health Organization HRH Website Visit
Human Resources for Health Journal Visit

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integrated, People-Centred health services (ipchs)...

Nurses are the health care professionals around the world central to achieving and advocating for care services that are centred around their clients. 
Framework on Integrated, People-Centred Health Services Download Report (2016)
Strengthening integrated, people-centred health services Download Report (2016)
WHO Integrated, People-Centred Health Services Website Visit

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