Let's Rethink Healthcare with IPCHS

  As a recent graduate from my nursing degree, I remember thinking time to time throughout the lectures, what is the vision of healthcare today, and why are we doing things the same as twenty years ago? When we all know...times have changed.

  ‘Upstream thinking', ‘Challenging the hegemony’, these are concepts that flutter through our minds as energetic, eager nurses, with a passion for change. The framework on integrated people-centered health care presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), promotes change and challenges our present healthcare system.

GASNN is thrilled to engage in this area as it is well aligned with our values and organizational mission. We are excited to share it with the current and future leaders of nursing.

  IPCHS recognizes that people today are living longer, with comorbidities and chronic illnesses. These individuals are living with these diseases 24/7, yet not being properly informed or involved in their care. The health care system is treating the disease and not the person. This framework puts the families, communities, and people FIRST. And isn’t that the way healthcare should be....preventative, not curative.

“People centred care means ensuring that health services are tailored to people's needs, and are provided in partnership WITH THEM, rather than simply given TO THEM”

-World Health Organization (WHO)

  As a global organization, GASNN acknowledges that each country will have different challenges and barriers, this framework is developed on a universal vision and can be easily adapted to fit these individual needs.

WHO has established  5 strategies to be adopted:  

o   Empowering and engaging people and communities

o   Strengthening governance and accountability

o   Reorienting the model of care              

o   Coordinating services within and across sectors

o   Creating an enabling environment

  IPCHS promotes a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, management, and treatment that is tailored to individual needs, not just the disease.  Nurses are at the centre of this framework, we can use our position to engage in conversation, knowledge development, and advocate for our clients.

Let us empower through person centred care and with participation and equity!

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Author: Paige Bewley, GASNN Secretary
Date: September 7th, 2017