Blog launch!

Dear Student and Novice Nurses (SNNs), and supporters from around the world,

First of all, Happy Nurses Week to all of you engaged in this wonderful world of nursing and making our global community a better place everyone. 

In the upcoming weeks, we have some very exciting events that we will be involved in. In the spirit of an organization striving to be as accessible as possible, we are excited to launch our blog called "SNN Voice" that will allow us to share updates with you. This blog will also allow us to not only provide updates on a centralized platform, but also allow for collaborative submissions from student and novice nurses around the world on the important contributions they are a part of. 

Kicking off our blog- we would like to showcase a few SNN from around the world pledging how they will make a positive difference in our global community. Tune in below to hear from a few of our peers!

Better together,

Global Association of Student and Novice Nurses (GASNN)