We recognize the value and importance of having the opportunity to communicate with, learn from, and support one another without the requirement of travel. The ability to travel should not hinder student and novice nurses from being able to interact with their peers. It is imperative that as current and future leaders working in an intricately connected world, that we are doing all we can to become the best nurses, but most of all, global citizens. We have a lot to learn from each other, and it is our hope that this program opens the doors to learning from one another. 

Applications Open: August 31, 2018

Applications Close: September 15, 2018

This program will partner you with a student or novice nurse peer from another country.  We recognize that each person will bring  valuable set of insights, experiences and questions stemming from their own unique backgrounds. Together, over the 6 months, you will explore pertinent topics that are not traditionally explored in an entry-to-practice nursing eduction but are have vital importance to global health and nursing. You will also have the opportunity to explore a topic you have always wanted to learn more about!

An outline will be sent to you and your pair each month that includes a reading(s), important concepts to cover, and a creative component. You will work independently to prepare for your monthly peer meet up from the outline send and together you will engage in conversation with each other. 
At the end of this project there will be a final collaborative project that all of the program's participants will work on together. 

Who can apply? Any student or novice nurses (graduated less than 5 years  ago from entry-to-practice education)
Length: 6 months        Commitment: 2 hours per month average      Total: approx. 16 hours          Cost: FREE!